Thank you for visiting Career.Co-Sign.

Being the founder of this platform gives me so much fulfillment and joy. It’s allowed me to combine my passions to help others professionally and navigate their career. Our Purpose is to connect an exclusive talent within our network with employers across multiple mortgage industry opportunities.

While we will be a platform for all, Career.Co-Sign will focus on breaking barriers for under-represented professionals. The corporate partners and affiliates will engage with niche talent that have the ultimate skill-set to significantly impact their respective teams. As we continue to bridge that gap for diversity within this industry, organizations must plant the flag in the sand to make the commitment to a fair an inclusive hiring process; and our network will add value to diversify your current pipeline.

To the members of our talent network, we look forward to your continued growth. I know your worth, and can’t wait to see your success.

Founder Career.Co-Sign