Career.Co-Sign began with the simple question; how can we increase representation in our industry? A simple question lead to creating a platform that would allow for people of color to connect and network for professional development.

As we begin to see the connections being formed, our company felt the time was now to eliminate the barriers for organizations to proactively recruit and hire people of color. One simple question, has now led Career.Co-Sign as an exclusive website for people of color to identify opportunities and for employers to show their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the mortgage industry.


Career.Co-Sign is dedicated to breaking career barriers for employers to attract and recruit under-represented minority professionals to strategically focus on diversity recruiting within the mortgage industry.

We understand the lack of representation within the industry and will do our part to provide access to our talent network through professional development and networking opportunities. Along the way, employers will have the chance to show their company values and commitment to diversity and inclusion.